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Associação Portuguesa de Direito Digital


APDIG is a non-profit association which aims to study and disseminate digital law, promoting the sharing of
knowledge, research and exchange.
The foundation of APDIG's main purpose was to create a cross-cutting organization, where the various professionals working in the digital area and in Law
if they could find it, especially to share experience and knowledge.
Technologies, present in everyone's daily life, pose innumerable challenges to the
Law and require multidisciplinary preparation in the experience and regulation of digital reality. Thinking about it, we founded APDIG, with the certainty that the Law
and Technology are inseparable.
We live in an era of increasing globalization, and APDIG aims to aggregate and contribute to the pressing need for training in the multidisciplinary field of Law
and Technology.
It is important to create the conditions so that the deepening of this area of knowledge can be built, with the contribution of all those who
wish to walk it with us.


Rua Calouste Gulbenkian nº 52 - 3º, sala 7,

4050-144 Porto

Tel: (351) 912 412 175

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